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From Brain Surgery to Ghosting

So first….I just want to say how incredible proud I am to be a woman, a daughter, a sister, a feminist. I was unable to March on Saturday, but was there in Spirit. Seeing the pictures taken has literally brought me to tears.

So back to regularly scheduled program…so we left off at getting dumped. Brandon and I spoke off and on for 4 months before we completely quit things. I wanted him…he couldn’t be bothered. But he’d text me to hook up. Yeah…that’s a hard no. The next month he sent me a text that he had fallen, hit his head and had been in a coma for a week!!! WHAT? I couldn’t help but laugh, was this karma for being such a shitty person? He had brain surgery and had “changed”. He told me he realized how amazing I was and there was no other woman like me (duh). This was all the validation I needed to move on.

So I spent the summer working on my hot bod, drinking a lot, and celebrating my June birthday. I was living the best life and I couldn’t remember ever being happier. Then in July HE came along. Josh…we met on a dating site and instantly hit it off. We had our first date on a Friday that ended Saturday afternoon. No we didn’t sleep together, which is pretty strange for 2017. We went on dates, talked every other day and things were wonderful. Early August he was going to be heading to his hometown and then NY so we had planned a date the Tuesday before he left. I was on my way to his place when I get a text “hey, I’m good. Just heading to dinner with a potential manager. We still on for tomorrow night” I came to a screeching halt and texted him back what the actual fuck. Long story short he went out of town for 2 weeks and I went to Mexico with my 3 girlfriends. This should have been my first warning right? Wrong. We had such a great time together and that’s all I could focus on.

I’m going to make the rest short and simple because he doesn’t deserve much more. We reconnected after our trips and became “official.” We spent every weekend together, he introduced me to all his closest friends. He wanted me to go to his home town and meet his family for Thanksgiving, told me he wanted me to have his babies and then asked me to move in!!! Let me remind you…we had only been official for a month. The following day, after the move in talk, he left for a vacation. I couldn’t go because I had to work (boo). He came home 5 days later and I thought things were great. We had talked every day, had face timed…he even told me he wanted to take me on a cross country trip in 2017.

He came home and BAM, I was ghosted. How do you go from moving in together to ghosted in 24 hours! I had never been so devastated in my life. A month after the ghosting I had finally gotten up the nerve to confront him. He said that he had rushed into a relationship with me and got cold feet. WHAT THE HELL. He was the one always pushing the relationship…but who was the fool? ME. I was the moron who believed his words and not his actions. So now you know my story. Sad, right? Pathetic? Sort of. Next week I’m going to blow your mind and tell you how it all changed (insert Dupa Lipa song)



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