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Allison's Obsession - Strands Haircare

Hellllllo bloggerverse! I know, I's been awhile. But we were/are in a global pandemic! During that time I, like most people, decided to organize their lives as well as buy everything humanly possible.

So I have decided to start a blog section, a category if you will, about my favorite discoveries. It may be something new, or it may be something I have been using for the past 10 years but I want share my insider info.

Plus, when you making big purchases don't you do some sort of research? Read all the reviews, watch all the Youtube vids, etc...well consider this a review page for shit I love.

Allison's holding up her Strands Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles
Healthy Hair Courtesy of Strands

This week I'm reviewing Strands Hair Care. I first discovered Strands last year (2020) when I was getting over some seriously stressful shit (anyone remember my 2018-2019 instagram stories....DRAMA). Anyways, I started losing my hair in 2019 and was doing everything to grow long and luscious locks, but nothing was working. So I started to revamp my beauty routine, starting at the top.

I had originally started with Prose Haircare, which I still love, but it wasn't as customizable as I liked. With Strands you send them 15-20 strands of hairs and they send you a custom report of your hair health, along with customized shampoo and conditioner. It may sound bougie, but it's awesome.

Their tagline is "Hair care made for you, based on you. Get revived, healthy hair in 30 Days with custom formulas designed from science." I mean that just screams "USE ME.

Strands sent me my hair health report, which actually just told me my hair is healthy but as dry as a Sauvignon Blanc at Coachella.

I've now been using Strands for almost 1 year and I can confidently say my hair is healthier now than ever before. I recently sent in another Strands Hair Sample, as I've been wearing my hair curly 90% of the time. They changed my ingredients a bit, which also shows me the ingredients are actually custom and not just sayyyying their custom to each person.

Allison's Strands Hair Report


- Ingredients are customized to each person

- You can choose 1 out of 5 smells, and they send you a sample of the smell beforehand!

- They offer subscriptions, because running out of shampoo or conditioner is the WORST.

- You get a custom report showing you how healthy or damages your hair is. You will even get a microscopic photo of your hair!

- Everything. I would never go back to regular shampoo and conditioner


- It can be pricey, If you've been buying L'Oréal Shampoo from Target for the past 20 years, $25 per bottle may seem like alot. I get it. But the ingredients are WAY better.

- I wish the ingredients for my shampoo and conditioner were emailed to me and not just typed when I receive the box. But that just because of my OCD.

As a woman, who obsesses about her hair, I think Strands is a game changing product. If and when they start offering dry shampoo, curl cream, hair oil you betta believe I'll be signing up for those too.

Give Strands a try and let me know what you think! STRANDS HAIR CARE

Stay Tuned for next weeks obsession!



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