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The Glow Up Is Real

Dear Baby A,

You did it. You made it to 30. I know you thought this day would never come, but luckily here we are. *Whew* I wanted to write you a letter, my teenage self, to give you peace of mind. Life hasn’t always been easy but damn, it was worth it. Here’s a bit of advice from me to…me

You cannot cut off your curls. I know you want straight hair desperately, but cutting your hair just makes it worse. TRUST ME. Your afro is not a good look.

Eyebrows will change your life. End of story.

Platform shoes go out of style very quickly. You don’t need 12 pairs, just stick to 1. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Keep in touch with old friends. I know you’re busy and there isn’t enough time in the day….but you’ll regret losing touch with the people you care about most. It’s not that hard to send a damn text.

And on that note, when you find your people don't ever let them go. You're gonna have a couple best friends that you can't live without. They know everything about you and vice versa. They are your people, don't lose them. No matter what.

Worry more about your relationships with your friends and family then the ones with boys. You know John R.? He got a stranger pregnant in high school. Remember Luke B.? He lost all his hair. Guys will come and go. That is a fact. Don’t worry about the ones who don’t like you. They will never matter again.

Don’t be such a fucking asshole to mom. You think your sass is cute, but it’s not. No one cares about your teenage angst. She won’t be around forever. Cherish the time you have together. She is now and forever your number 1 person.

Actually, don’t be such an asshole to everyone. You got it made, kid.

Dad and Alex want to be in your life. You don’t think that, but they do. It happens when you’re 30, but better late than never. Cut them some slack. Everyone will show you love in their own way.

Allison, we all know your confidence is unshakeable. That came from mom. She has always told you “You can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do in life” and you have believed it for 30 years. When the hard shit comes, and you start to doubt yourself, just remember it’s temporary.

You want to grow up so fast but adulting is hard. No one tells you that in school. No one tells you about paying taxes and rent. No one tells you that having the flu at 29 is WAY harder than the flu at 13. And stopping to get gas on your way to work is the biggest pain in the ass.

You’re going to fall in love and it will be magical. Your biggest fear is that he’ll leave, but he proves to you over and over again that he’s not going anywhere. Love is worth the wait, don’t rush it.

Life is going to feel really hard for awhile. Actually your 20’s are the hardest years so far. But that’s ok. You finally find your passion. You find your voice.

And pay attention in English class. It will help you down the road ;)

Just do you. It only gets better from here. <3

Allison, I love you. I love me. I'm proud of you. Happy 30th birthday.



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