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Labels, Labels, Labels

So my good friends over at the Gaystr8 Debate had me back on and I was able to bring my new friend Jett Garrison. Jett and I met through Instagram, and this was our first time meeting in person.

Jett identifies as Transmasculine but explains why labeling can sometimes limit our understanding of other people. So our subject of the evening was LABELS and why as a society we feel the need to place labels on everything in order to feel comfortable. Example: Aaron identifies as straight, Julian identifies as Gay, Jett identifies as Transmasculine and I identify as a pizza lover ;)

This was so much fun to record and discuss. Jett is such a strong voice, and I think you can all tell we were mesmerized by his words. I will be the first to say that I'm ignorant when it comes to the trans community but this gave me alot of insight. I'm very proud to be part of this discussion. Enjoy.

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