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Surviving Valentine's Day

I have not always been happy at Valentine’s Day. This marks the anniversary of my marriage ending. And it’s my singleness anniversary of 7 years.

But now, I love love. And this year seems even sweeter. Seeing all the loving Instagram posts can be a bit annoying but it’s also wonderful to see people who care so much for each other.

But if you are single it’s not all chocolate and sappy Instagram posts. I’ve gotten a lot of messages recently from guys and girls dreading Valentine’s Day. So I figured I’d write a quick guide to surviving today.

Staying Home

  1. Go get your favorite candy. Don’t buy every type of candy you can find, because that’s crazy. But buy your favorite, and enjoy it throughout the day. This applies for guys and girls, but I think girls may enjoy this more.

2. Get your favorite booze. Regardless if it’s wine, tequila or beer go get some. Splurge a little if you’re cheap.

3. I love pizza. So if I was staying home, I’d order a heart shaped pizza from Fresh Brothers <3 Or make yourself a nice dinner.

4. Girls, if you’re staying in to enjoy your favorite candy or booze, get your vibrator out and do a little self-loving. Couples are probably getting off, so should you! -- Guys, get some porn or something.

5. Stay off social media. Unless you can actually be happy for other couples, just don’t look. Don’t stalk your ex, don’t think about what could have been. This is not a day to wallow.

Now I prefer to go out on Valentine’s Day. So if you’re going out:

  1. Get your closest single friends and go to your favorite bar or restaurant. Get dressed up, wash your hair, do whatever make you feel best.

2. Talk to strangers. Even if you’re not interested in something romantic, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.

3. STAY OFF YOUR PHONE. Being on your phone when you’re out is not inviting. And if you’re constantly checking your phone, that means you're not checking out other people.

No matter what you do tonight, HAVE FUN! Treat yourself, get out of your comfort zone and enjoy yourself.

If you don’t know, I recently became a certified life coach specializing in dating and relationships. I am currently taking on 2 more coaching clients. If you don’t have much luck with the ladies (or fellas) then maybe it’s time for a change. Send me a message and let me know where you’re struggling and how I can help. The first month for these 2 clients will be complimentary. I’m here to help!



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