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New Year, Same Me :)

Woooo! We made it! 2018!

It’s always interesting to see the “New Year, New Me” posts or the “New Year, Same Me” posts. I like looking at who's posting them and why.

I was reading my very first blog post, which was about starting 2017 with intention as oppose to resolution. You can read it here.

2017 was my life changing year. I changed my outlook on life and dating. My last post was a rundown of my 2017. So I decided to think about what I’m hoping to accomplish in 2018.

I want to build a relationship with my dad and brother. I don’t know if estranged is the right word, but we’ve had little to no relationship the past 10ish years. I saw my brother 2 times in 2017. The first time was awkward, but the 2nd time felt like we were actually family. And it hadn’t felt like that in quite some time. And over the holidays my dad sent me a Christmas present. I can’t even remember the last time he sent me something. But it was the grand gesture I needed to make me feel like he wanted to be in my life. Like he was actually trying.

I want to build better friendships. I would like to think that I’m a great fucking friend…and I hope my close friends think that of me. But outside of my 2 besties, it’s hard for me to make plans with people. Life gets in the way, ya know? Between work, gym, sleep and the occasional date it’s hard to find time to hang out with new people. So I want to make more of an effort meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones.

I want to start modeling again. I know it’s silly, but I always had so much fun on shoots. And I loved the people I met. I’m still friends with most of them and those artistic relationships were really special to me.

And I want to continue blogging and start vlogging more. Plain and simple. I enjoy it…so might as well do it.

I really just want to make more of an effort in life. I used to be the type of person who would sit back and wait for things to happen…sometimes they did, but more times than not I was left thinking about what could have been.

So those are my 4 ½ intentions for 2018. Be a good person. Don’t be a dick. And enjoy life.

Happy 2018 to you guys. Can’t wait to see what’s in store.



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