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I Got Ck'ed

Men, I love you. I really do. But this year has been a hard year for women, and mostly because of you guys. No, not all men. I would never group all men into one category. But generally speaking…men have done us dirty.

I’m sure everyone has heard about the #metoo campaign. A lot of men have been put on blast for some pretty terrible things. I think for a lot of people, women especially, it was a trigger. These horrible things that happened years ago are now being brought to the surface. Men’s names are now being used as verbs such as “I got Weinsteined or LouisCK’ed.”

Well last week, right before Thanksgiving, I got Louis Ck’ed. A man I hardly knew pulled his dick out and started jerkin off right in front of me. WHO DOES THAT?! Well I guess a lot of men do. He was in his early 30’s, a comedian and seemed like a nice guy. I was FLABBERGASTED.

I was at a bar with my 2 best friends. I spotted this guy from across the bar, standing there ordering a drink. I could tell he was excited I recognized him. He probably thought it was from a comedy, when in fact it was because we follow each other on SnapChat.

Fast forward to after his penis made an appearance. I was so shocked, I couldn’t even comprehend what had just happened. The next day was Thanksgiving and I went to Jo-El’s house for Friendsgiving and we talked about the night, like most girls do. I posted on insta and snap about what happened, mostly to see what responses I would get. Most of the responses were from men, and most were shocked and disgusted. One stood out though.

“You’d just need to meet the right dude” what does meeting the right guy have to do with a man pulling out his penis. And “men are jerks but women are too?” Now I’m not saying women aren’t jerks….but you don’t see many headlines (if any) about women raping men, or showing their lady business to strangers in hopes to have someone go down on her. I’m sure it has happened but not nearly as often. I don’t know any women whose names have become a house hold name for disrespecting men. This is the mindset that has put men and women in this position.

What I’ve realized about men who feel the need to show their penis to any woman within a 100 yard vicinity is that they are severely self-conscious. I remembered this guy asking me if I found any of our mutual friends attractive, most being comedians as well. He also told me that 3-4 years ago, he wanted to date me. A few days later he sent me a text sort of asked me on a date and I about choked on disgust. Not even apology, but a date would somehow make it all better.

When a woman is self-conscious she usually shows off her best assets. Maybe she’ll wear a low cut shirt, or a short skirt. Guys don’t really have that option. So instead they show the one thing they can be “proud” of. Why do you think guys are so open to showing their dick pics to strangers?

This person wasn’t some random flasher or pervert. He really thought this would be some ploy to get a date, or maybe in some realm of stupidity, get laid. He pulled out his penis with the hope that I would enjoy it. I think it’s safe to assume he has done this in the past. And I’m sure at one point it worked. Some sad, lonely girl saw this man as an H-List celebrity and thought if I do this maybe he can introduce me to so and so and that might get me somewhere.

A guy isn’t going to just pull out his penis for no reason. But regardless IT IS NOT OK. I was offended when it happened. Offended that this boy thought that him pulling down his pants and presenting me with his miniature needle dick would work. And I was mad, mad that he thought, even with everything going on in the world, that this was ok.

So dearest, ignorant Michael....

But I’m thankful it happened to me and not to someone who may not be able to stop him. I’m thankful that I am strong enough to say get the fuck away from me. And I’m thankful I know better, and that I can still somewhat trust men after all the shit that has happened around me and to me personally.

Ladies, we are letting men do this! I want you to be fired up. I want every woman out there to know that this is not ok by any stretch of the imagination!

Let’s be better. Let’s do better.

On a lighter note, next week I post my very first vlog. Tune in and let me know what you think!



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