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How to Survive Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is upon us. It’s probably the hardest time of the year for single folk, unless you like being single. Cuffing season usually goes from November to March which is basically the cold months. You meet someone you like, you decide to date and you become “cuffed.”

If you lock someone down before Halloween, then good for you. But if you are like so many singletons, then you are probably looking for someone to get cozy with right about now.

The benefits of cuffing:

  • Someone to stay home with because it’s too damn cold to go out

  • Someone to sex you

  • Someone to send/receive meme’s

  • Someone who doesn't care that you gained 10 pounds for winter, because it actually makes your boobs bigger.

The disadvantage of cuffing:

  • Might not last past cuffing season if one partner isn’t as interested

  • You will probably, unfortunately get attached

Well that’s all I can think of.

So how do you survive cuffing season when you don’t want to settle for a fling?

Find a friends with benefits. Yes, I know…as a woman I’m not supposed to say it. But isn’t that one of the biggest benefits of having a bf or gf? You get to have sex! You get to cuddle. You have someone to turn the lights off at night. And hopefully you brunch the next day. A fwb is pretty much like being cuffed, except you don't have to shave your legs or introduce them to your friends coworkers at the holiday parties.

Hang out with your friends!! I’m a total girl’s girl. I stalk my friends on a daily basis. I send a bagillion meme’s a day. I constantly try and make plans with them. Cuffing season is THE BEST time to hang out with your friends. If you’re going out, there probably aren’t as many single guys out. It’s too cold to go drink at your favorite roof top bar so why not make hot toddies at your place? Or play Heads up at their house?

Clean. Clean. Clean. Winter time is the best time to clean your shit. Donate the stuff you bought last summer to wear this summer but never saw the light of day. Clean out the food in your pantry that expired 2 months ago. Match your socks that are hiding in the back of the drawer. Organize your dvd’s (if you still have them because apparently those are rare now.)

Go on dates. Winter time seems to be the time I get asked out the most. Guys want more than a Friday night f*ck, yet they don’t really want commitment just yet. So if someone asks you out, GO! What else are you going to be doing on a Wednesday night? Certainly not going to the gym, because it’s gainz season.

I enjoy being single, but when I see all the couples out doing couply things during the winter it can suck a little bit. I've already done my cleaning and donating so I guess it's time to date.



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