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Sobriety and the Single Girl

August was a busy month for me. Even though I wasn’t doing any online dating, I was dating WAY more. I also went to Alabama, Vegas and Palm Springs. I was pretty much drunk the entire month. I was always hungover, and feeling sluggish and gross. So I decided it was time for another experiment.

Throughout all my blogs I’d say you’ve gotten to know my pretty well, right? I love experimenting. I’m feisty AF. And I’m obviously single. I also love to go out and be social and that usually involves drinking. I really, really like drinking. I actually love the way it makes me feel, I usually enjoy the taste and I love the social aspect. I also love how great of a dancer I become #beyonce

I know I don’t have a drinking problem. I’ve never had a one night stand. I’ve never done anything I regretted. And my only walk of shame was walking to the front door to grab my pizza in less than attractive clothing. I think the worst thing that has happened was breaking my tailbone in a bathtub on NYE (thanks alot champagne.)

I decided to stop drinking for the month of September. When I told my friends about sober September they actually laughed at me and didn't think I'd make it. I was actually offended they thought I couldn't make it! I didn't drink that much...right? Normally I would have written a blog (duh) about my decision, but to be honest I actually didn’t think I would last the month. And if I’m being even more honest, I didn’t make it. I missed drinking! I drank 3 times during the month. The last one being on September 30th after speed dating.

It’s been a really interesting month, to say the least. When a guy asks you on a date 9 times out of ten it’s to meet for a drink. Because the internet has practically ruined dating, no guy wants to fork out $150 for dinner with a stranger he may not even like. I hear this all the time. Guys are always complaining to me that women only go out with them for a meal. And girls will go out with guys they don’t like because they’re fucking hungry.

So what does one do at 8pm on a Friday, when they like to drink but are participating in sober September? They cancel. I think I’ve probably gone out on 3-4 dates this month, but I only went out with guys who asked me to dinner. I cancelled simply because the guy asked me to drinks and I didn’t wanna show up and just drink water. Plus I’m not the type of girl to spend 2 hours getting ready to grab a water on a Tuesday evening. I’d rather be alone in my underwear on the couch

I give into peer pressure pretty easily. I know this about myself. If someone says tequila shots, I’m the first to grab a lime. If we're going out for a glass of wine, the bottle is empty within 20 minutes. So I was flaking on dates and being anti-social because I wasn’t drinking. And what I realized is dating and meeting people out is really fucking hard when they’re no adult beverages.

First off, if you choose to stop drinking for a period of time you can’t say that you’re sober. I have a lot of sober friends, and I think so highly of them because it’s a really brave choice. But if you are not technically sober, people will think that you have a problem. It’s sad but true. At the beginning of the month, when I started my experiment, I was telling men that I was doing Sober September and they were actually asking me about my addiction.

Drinking is a way to let loose, right? Well the few times I went out I was miserable. Mostly because at midnight on a Saturday, everyone is drunk. Watching those people act like fools was entertaining, but also so obnoxious!! I was sober at The Abbey last weekend and I would have much rather been home on the couch. Watching men parade around in little underwear should be accompanied by tequila shots. I soberly saw a strange man’s taint and immediately knew it was time to leave.

I went out this weekend and drank Saturday and Sunday and I felt like shit afterwards. While I was drinking I was having a blast, I was meeting new people and enjoying my life. But the next day I was driving the struggle bus all the way to hell. I fucking hated my life Sunday morning and Monday morning. I’ve realized I’m not 22 anymore and I can’t recover the way I used to. Time to pump the breaks on the tequila. Not today Satan.

Being sober in September really taught me that I relied too much on alcohol. I felt pressure to drink when I was out. But the worst part is I put that pressure on myself. But now I’m much more aware of my limits. Not drinking for the month was definitely an experience. I won’t continue to not drink, but I definitely will keep shots to a minimum ;)

Tune in next week to read about my Speed Dating experience…because it was ridiculous.



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