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I'll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want

Last week I put out an IG Story asking for followers to send me questions or topics they’d like me to write about. I always love finding out what other people are interested in…especially when it comes from social media. So of course there were questions of dick pics and threesomes, not surprising. But I had quite a few people ask what I looked for in a man.

When I was 15 and a regular at church youth group, one of my leaders had me write down what I wanted in a husband. I haven’t looked at that piece of paper since then, although I probably should. It’s really easy to say I want a man who’s taller than me, who has dark hair and a nice car. But is that what makes us fall for someone? That they’re 4 inches taller than us or they can play guitar? No. I’ll keep saying it as long as I need to but small experiences make a great big love.

I want a man who never makes me wonder where we stand. A man with amazing communication skills. Someone who loves me because of my sassiness and fierceness, not in spite of it. I want a man always makes me feel safe; who supports my dreams and aspirations. Someone who not only listens to me, but hears me.

I want someone who knows how I like my coffee. Someone who always tells me good morning and goodnight. A man who can make me laugh until I cry. I want someone who will order my favorite pizza or dessert when I’m having a rough day. A man who is just as happy going out as he is staying in. Someone who values my opinion, because lord knows I have a shit ton.

Someone who gets out of his car when he picks me. Someone who gives full body hugs. He must love breakfast food and Cheetos. He’s gotta be able to keep up with my 90’s car karaoke sessions. Someone who smells delicious and has a dirty mind.

I want a man who doesn’t need me and knows I don’t need him. We simply choose each other.

I want a man who wants to be completely head over heels in love. I want a man who is ready for an extraordinary love.

I could fill a book with the things I look for in a man and partner. But does having every single thing we look for make a better boyfriend? Not really. Just like me being perfect *cough cough* may not necessarily make me a better girlfriend for some.

I love thinking about my must have’s and can’t live withouts but I feel like that hinders a lot of people when they are out dating. Does he have blonde hair and blue eyes? Or is he hipster enough? If you met a man online who didn’t dress how you liked, would you give him a chance? Probably not.

This list originally had 3 pages to it, but you get the gist. My perfect man.

I love getting your feedback on what to write, so keep it coming! or DM on Intsta!



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