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Boredom Has Set In

Alright so it’s been a week since I went off the online dating scene. I wasn’t even planning on writing my “journal entries” because no one really cares. But damn it I am fucking BORED! I was really planning on being productive with my time. My hands are now free of swiping, let’s get shit done! Nope.

In the past week I had a list of things I wanted to do. I wanted to deep clean my apartment. My bathtub has so much built up hairspray, I have probably killed to ozone layer above my place. I wanted to donate old clothes. I thought I was going to exercise for longer each night. I thought I’d cook more. Maybe start Game of Thrones. I thought I’d even FaceTime my mom (sorry momma.)

Ya know what I have done? Sent a lot of fucking memes. I shaved my legs every night this week. I have stalked most of my exes dating back 10 years ago. I have about 30 tattoos saved on my Pinterest, which I’ll most likely never get. And I have spent a shit ton of money online shopping.

I will say though, I don’t really miss the online dating part. I’ve been talking to quite a few guys, and the conversation is great. I went on 2 dates last week which were lovely. In fact, the day I deleted all my profiles I had 4 guys text me wanting to hang out. Now none of them follow me on social media, however people can obviously see what I’ve posted. But I thought it was so interesting who was texting me and why.

Do men feel subpar compared to online dating? I know when I’m dating a guy I always get a little bit uneasy if I know he’s still on dating sites. Who is he going to meet? Is she prettier than me? Will he like her more? Is he going to find her funnier than me?! I’ve always had issues with social media due to my ex-husband. It has ruined relationships for me because in the past I’ve always felt like it could and would happen again.

If these guys that have been asking me out knew I was no longer online dating, did they feel like this was their chance? Like no one else would be in the competition? Is it easier to ask a girl out when there is less swiping and more going out?

I went out the weekend before my experiment started. It was like any other weekend where I was out having a blast with my friends. I hardly took my phone out, missed a few “what are you up to” texts and didn’t give 2 shits about the Bumble messages that were left unread. I ended up talking to a lot of people, guys and girls, and gave my number to 4 guys. But only 1 actually text me.

Now this is where some girls get butt hurt. Ugh I really like him, we had chemistry. Why would he ask for my number is he wasn’t going to call? STFU. You met at a club or bar where the tequila was flowing. He probably doesn’t even remember what you look like. He can’t text you because he has 4 girls named “Jessica from the Club” and he has no clue which one you are.

Out of the 4 guys I met and gave my number to, I literally only remember 1 (which happens to be the guy who text me.) If we can’t remember them, how do we expect them to remember us? We can’t. Move along.

So this past weekend was my first real weekend with no apps. I ended up giving my number to 4 guys. I think 4 is my lucky number. But this time all 4 guys text me. Now what’s interesting to me was the fact that I wasn’t on my phone at all while I was out. My friend and I took a fire selfie and then I put it away for the rest of the day. When you’re face isn’t buried in your phone, maybe men find you more approachable.

I have 3 dates this week. Let’s see how it goes.



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