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The beginning of the end

Since starting this blog last week, I have had such an enormous amount of encouragement and positive feedback. I'm so grateful for all of you out in the internet world. A lot of my friends and acquaintances have asked why I started this. Well if you guessed scorned woman over an ex, you’d be right! Jk, not really, but sort of. But he’s actually not the only reason for the blog. It’s basically 10 years of horrible relationships with undeserving men.

It really starts in 2015 I started dating a seemingly great guy, and same for 2016. What made them turn out to be awful? The ending….trust me, this was NOT like the rom-coms we all love. And these 2 men have completely altered my way of thinking, dating, emotions and self-love.

So I’ll start with 2015 boyfriend….let’s call him Brandon. And btw, I’m only telling you about this fucker to get to the 2016. Oh Brandon, he was a whirlwind of the most destructive kind. So now you’re wondering “why the hell did you date him.” Good question and I still have no frickin clue. Brandon messaged me on Instagram after seeing me on Bumble. He said the sweetest things about how funny and attractive I was (because at that time I needed validation). He was staying in NY at the time but would be moving to LA.

We talked all day every day for 2 weeks. Then he moved the night before Thanksgiving. He got to my apt and then we had a lovely dinner followed by drinks. We spent Thanksgiving together and almost every day after. I left for Alabama to visit my parents for Christmas 3ish weeks later. He couldn’t be bothered to see me the night before because he was “hanging with friends” and this is when it all came crashing down. This man told me I was the one for me, had mailed me a hand written letter, and introduced me to his friends and family and now couldn’t be bothered with me. Yet, while I’m at the airport he’s crying to me saying he loves me and is so sorry he didn’t see me. And I actually forgave him.

Brandon got arrested on Christmas Day for pulling a dine and dash...because of booze. And then I found out he was a crazed alcoholic. I had no clue! How could I have been so blind? We went to a party and he was drinking out of one of my water bottles….filled with MY vodka. He would take my wine to people’s houses. Yet, it never crossed my mind that he had a problem.

In January he got invited to the Golden Globes but said he was skipping it. I had a photoshoot that day so I figured I’d see him after. This fucktard ended up going to the Globes and then called me crazy for being upset that he didn’t tell me. He told me he needed time, but I couldn't handle it. I tried getting him back for weeks. Finally he ended things completely and I gave up on our "relationship"

I write this very long winded story to propose a question….why do women put up with such terrible men? Why are we blinded by their actions because of 1 or 2 sweet things they’ve done for us. If you’re not bored to tears, I’ll give you the next part of the story about the next guy….which gets crazier!!!

Xoxo Allison

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