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Guys Don't Listen...?

You guys know I love to blast penis conversations on Instagram. I wish it wasn’t so common, but I probably post every other day or so. It feels good to call out douche bags who feel the need to talk about their 6 incher, because let’s be honest…guys add 2 inches to everything.

I also love the responses I get. Women always laugh, because they get the exact same messages. A lot of men will respond with “what happened to gentleman” or “this gives all men a bad rep.” Which it does!!! It also makes me appreciate the nice, good guys that I know. The guys who don’t sleep with a girl and then don’t message for a year, or the guys who don’t whip it out for every occasion.

I, unfortunately, also get messages from guys asking things like “how do you attract such losers?” Or my favorite, “you should have better judgement.” Now I would like to make it VERY clear, that I have very good judgment with guys I actually go on dates with. BUT a guy’s Bumble profile doesn’t say “Piece of shit man, who rapes women and beats dogs.”

Now, the first problem I have with a message telling me to have better judgement, is your putting the blame on the woman. A man sends me a picture of his genitalia and somehow it’s my fault. How in the world could it ever be considered a woman’s fault that a man chose to send a picture or information about his penis?

So I got into a heated Instagram discussion with someone with this opinion. And the conversation quickly turned into things falling on the woman’s shoulders. Mothers need to teach their daughters to not put up with this shit. Mothers having conversations with their daughters about sexual abuse, etc.

So my initial gut reaction was to say FUCK YOU. But obviously, that wouldn’t get me anywhere. So I asked why the responsibility falls on the woman. And his response was “Guys don’t listen.”

GUYS DON’T LISTEN?!? Flabbergasted. So if a man is trying to sexually assault me, I say stop yet he continues…it’s my fault because he doesn’t listen.

Now, I do agree that parents should be teaching their children certain things. But at the same time, what if a child doesn’t have parents? What if they are being abused by their parents? Then who is “responsible” for the kid’s actions. My mom never taught me about men who send dick pics…because dick pics weren’t a thing in 1988.

Maybe we all need to listen a bit more. Maybe we need to have open discussions about sexuality and what is appropriate.

I’m here, ready to listen.



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